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Landscape Design: Paving Stone Patterns


When you examine actual pavers in the landscape supply shop, you may be baffled for imagination and find it tough to include the dull slabs in your backyard undertaking. Let us take a look at a couple of patterns for a few inspiration.

Shape: The paving stone itself may have many different shapes. Although its contour is often square or rectangular, circular and triangular figures can be found. Additionally, there are irregular shapes that create interesting patterns.

Size: Large pavers render a place to appear broader while smaller ones appear scaled-down. Using varying sizes can enhance or depreciate the beauty of your flooring. Follow a singular pattern or configuration to prevent it from looking too chaotic.

Height: Thick foot-sized paving stones may be spaced wide apart for any "stepping stone" look ideal for pathways or garden patios. In order to work the pieces closer together, ensure that your base ground is deep enough to stop visitors from tripping on the edge since they move inwards. Thick bricks also can serve as ledges or retaining walls, allowing an easy transition from the bottom surface upwards.

Spirals: Choose an attractive focus to your spiral layout such as a pillar, a stone figure, a tree, or even a singular or unique pattern of pavers. With proper planning and spacing, the array can be produced of linear, wavy or chevron circles. You will almost certainly must cut up a couple of slabs to push each circle being perfectly.

Mazes: People that have time on their hands and also the math skills as well could make intricate and intriguing labyrinths about the deck floor. This project will entail lots of matching and brick cutting prior to their desired outline. You'll need accurate calculations for puzzles to check more orderly and eye appealing.

Mosaics: Budding artists and aficionados can craft novel and amusing floor artwork by creating figures, faces, or scenery using different colors and hues of paving stones. This is especially attractive if the furniture is moved to the side or when the lawn remains bare. Simple patterns can also be beautifully stained to get a more traditional or old-fashioned look.


Pavers lay the foundation to your patio, lawn, or garden. In addition they contribute immensely for the theme and subsequent mood. Select a paver arrangement that will complement the overall theme of the landscape or garden setting.

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